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  • How to foster an innovation culture in government

    Government has midwifed technology from GPS to rocket ships to email. Government can innovate. But all too often lately, the pace of technological change accelerates far faster than change in government itself. William Eggers describes how to foster an innovation culture in government

    How the Digital Age Asks More of Government than Ever Before

    Bill Eggers’ new book, Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies That Are Transforming Government, presents practitioners with an understanding of the critical components a public official needs to turn technology into results.

    5 Key Areas for Government to Accelerate Digital Transformation

    Five areas governments need to work on to accelerate government transformation.

    Digital Leadership is a Government Essential

    The key to digital success and development in all levels of government is a strong and dedicated team of leaders, says William Eggers, highlighting the importance of leadership, in an interview with MeriTalk.

    Book Review: Delivering on Digital

    Luke Fretwell, founder of GovFresh, reviews Delivering on Digital book.

    Podcast: The Value of ‘Digital Mindsets’ in Local Government

    In a Municipal Equation podcast William Eggers of Deloitte Center for Government Insights talks about value of digital mindsets in local government.

    Faster Government: Rethinking the Risk Equation

    You can, make a mistake with a government website or other technology system, and there are times when you should. Whether at the city, state or federal level, there's an increasing realization that failure is essential to the eventual success of a complex technology project. The trick is figuring out how and when to fail.

    INNOVATE2016: How digital can reinvent American government

    One of America’s leading experts on the technology of government, Bill Eggers, the executive director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights, is interviewed on Digital Government at INNOVATT2016.

    Eggers’ great observation, articulated in his new book Delivering on Digital, is that digital technology offers a unique opportunity for American government to reinvent itself. Yes, he acknowledges, the US government often doesn’t work. But that’s no excuse, he says, to get rid of it.

    How to Drive Change in Government

    GovLoop’s annual Virtual Summit is all about inspiring innovation in the public sector. But how exactly do you do that in a government known for endless paper trails and daunting bureaucracies? Before we dove into the specific technologies and practices that public servants can use to create change, we heard from William Eggers, Director of Public Sector Research at Deloitte. Eggers is also the author of Solution Revolution, a study of how business, government and social enterprises are teaming up to solve society’s toughest problems.

    Cybersecurity as chess match: A new approach for governments

    Cyber threats are growing in volume, intensity, and sophistication, and they aren’t going away—ever. And recent failures call into question the effectiveness of the billions already sunk into cybersecurity.

    How can government agencies reverse the growing gap between security investment and effectiveness? Traditionally, cybersecurity has focused on preventing intrusions, defending firewalls, monitoring ports, and the like. The evolving threat landscape, however, calls for a more dynamic approach.